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Through collaborative in-house workshops, engaging conferences along with hands-on consulting, I help teams build greener Tech products and executives build the sustainability strategy enabling it

Gaël Duez - Tailored consulting in Sustainability for Digital Tech companies and IT department

Tailored consulting in Sustainability for Digital Tech companies and IT departments

As a Tech executive taking sustainability seriously, you often reach a situation where a - much welcomed - collection of initiatives is not enough anymore. You want to structure your strategy to scale your impacts. I help you tailor your Sustainability moves to entrench them within your company’s structure. OKR and the double diamond process are my default tools to deliver it. But two decades working in large as well as medium sized companies made me very adaptable to whichever strategy framework is used.

Gaël Duez - Engaging conferences

Engaging conferences

From Steve Jobs to Agbogoshie, my talks help to understand why digital is a pharmakon - a disease as much as a cure - and how changing our mindset toward digital technologies is a first step in our sustainability journey. The customization of the solution part enables listeners to switch into action mode within their organization. Because the carbon footprint of all-hands or seminars matters, the remote option is often considered. I designed my online conferences to be a premium experience both interactive and insightful. 

Gaël Duez Collaborative workshops

Collaborative workshops

The Climate Fresk and the Digital Collage are best sellers in the world of Sustainability. These serious games - based on collective intelligence - help raise awareness among teams about climate change and other environmental crises and how Digital contributes to them. Beyond facilitating workshops online and on site, I train and coach employees to become internal sustainability ambassadors via these workshops.

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