I am a former CTO who is a geek in … social sciences. A former Managing Director who relied more on trust more than on processes to build teams and products. A former lecturer at Paris 1 Sorbonne University… You might find it hard to put me in boxes! Still, I have consistently enjoyed trailblazing changes and helping individuals and teams to grow.

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With over 15 years experience in leading cross-cultural Operation, Product & Tech departments in international FinTech and PropTech companies I have experienced first hand the benefits that digitalization brings to people. However, having lived on 3 different continents and worked in places already “under constraint” l started to question the mainstream economic model of a double digit growth fuelled with infinite resources.

To put it bluntly, I realized it is an extremely dangerous myth, both for our planet and for our companies' future profits. And the digital sector is no stranger to this myth. Between Tech for Good and sustainable IT, “Tech” is a key enabler of our ecological transition, yet is also a serious contributor to current ecological crises. In 2021, I decided to focus full-time on this double issue with a balanced approach.

I chose to pause executive positions and concentrate on helping teams build greener digital products and helping executives leverage this needed move toward sustainable IT as a strategic opportunity.

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How do I achieve results ?

  • I provide open-source content like the Green IO podcast, articles, - for free - to any professional, manager or top executive who needs to become acquainted with green IT and web sustainability. I have trod the path: you gain valuable time.
  • I build bridges between communities & networks. I know key people and can connect you to them.
  • I leverage collective intelligence. You benefit from solutions built with insights from your own talents, supported by your own talents, and with a clear focus on what is actionable in your own structure.
  • And all this works because I steer my ship based on 3 core values: respect people, respect science and respect the planet.
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In addition to podcasting, speaking and consulting, I work pro bono to increase awareness of both the issue of climate change (as a facilitator for The Climate Fresk) and the environmental footprint of our digital world (as a facilitator for The Digital Collage). As part of the Time For The Planet movement, I also assess innovations in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I am also part of the W3C Community Group on Sustainable Web Design.

And I still take the time to enjoy hiking with our little girl in Reunion Island where I live most of the year

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