I’m Gaël Duez

I launched the podcast Green IO, a place for responsible technologists building a greener digital world, one byte at a time.

For 15 years, I have led teams in FinTech and PropTech. I have also lived on 3 continents and witnessed our huge environmental footprint on Earth. Between Tech for Good and Sustainable IT, “Tech” is a key enabler for our ecological transition, but it is also a contributor to our current ecological crises. In 2021, I decided to focus full-time on this double issue with a balanced approach.
I chose to pause executive positions and concentrate on helping teams build greener digital products and help leaders leverage this much needed change toward sustainable IT as a strategic opportunity.

In addition to podcasting, speaking and consulting, I do pro bono work for The Digital Collage, The Climate Fresk, Time For The Planet and the W3C.

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Green IO

"For doers building a greener digital world, one byte at a time"

I launched Green IO, a non-profit podcast, when I realised I would have loved to listen to a podcast with hands-on information about web sustainability and green IT when I was leading Product, Tech & Data teams. Green IO is all about inspiring people talking about inspiring actions they took to make digital greener, one byte at a time. Green IO is about the next actions that you will take in your professional life to reduce the footprint of the digital sector, but you have yet to discover what they are 🙂
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If you want to make our digital world greener,
one byte at a time
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